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CNet                                                                                                           *All price exclude GST
Code Model Description Stock Price
3880 12776 CNet CWC-903 MIMO Wireless Cardbus Adapter In Stock $32.34
3508 12433 CNet CWR-854-P 54MB Wireless Access Point Router (Realtek Chipset) In Stock $34.58
1400 13939 CNet CQU-906 Wireless N Pico 150Mbps USB Dongle In Stock $20.69
2150 13590 CNet CWD-915 Wireless N Mini USB dongle In Stock $33.80
4152 13073 CNet CWP-905 Wireless-N PCI Adapter Call $42.99
4141 13072 CNet CWR-905 Wireless-N Router 2T3R In Stock $115.16
2017 14192 CNet WNUD1100 Wireless-N mini USB Dongle In Stock $14.65
Surecom                                                                                                           *All price exclude GST
Code Model Description Stock Price
2565 11712 Surecom EP-9321-GP 108M Wireless LAN PCI Adapter In Stock $34.14
1527 11294 Surecom EP-9428-G 54M Wireless Cardbus PCMCIA Card In Stock $22.33
2566 11713 Surecom EP-9428-GP 108M Wireless LAN Cardbus Adapter In Stock $29.20
1526 11293 Surecom EP-9610SX-G 54M Wireless Lan Broadband Router Call $33.34
2567 11714 Surecom EP-9610SX-GP 108M Wireless LAN Internet Broadband Router In Stock $25.00
3891 12794 Surecom EP-9611SX-G 54M Wireless Internet Broadband Router with detachable reverse SMA Antenna Call $47.49
1139 10704 Surecom NE-9320 11M Wireless Lan PCMCIA To PCI Adapter Call $30.75
3745 12649 Surecom EP-AN03 2.4GHz 6dBi Directional Indoor Desktop Antenna In Stock $36.24
3746 12650 Surecom EP-AN04 2.4GHZ 4dBi Omni Directional Indoor Antenna In Stock $39.85
3380 12354 Surecom EP-9001-GP 108M Wireless LAN USB Adapter In Stock $14.49



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