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AVerMedia                                                                                                           *All price exclude GST
Code Model Description Stock Price
4967 4967 AverMedia 064ARF---A75 Cable-MU-UL-IEC/J To MMCX/P-85mm In Stock $11.78
2061 13521 AverMedia Cable-MS-2.5 Cable For TV Tuner Remote Control In Stock $10.18
2088 13520 AverMedia Remote-M135R Remote Control For TV Tuner Porducts In Stock $12.79
3406 12370 AVerMedia AVerTV CardBus Pro, Analog Terrestrial+FM, Cardbus In Stock $41.66
3399 12372 AVerMedia AVerTV MCE Cardbus, Analog Terrestrial+NO FM, MCE 2005, H/W MPEG2 Compression (White Box) In Stock $120.75
4264 13199 AverMedia AVerTV DVB-T Hybrid Express Slim, Digital & Analog Terrestrial+Radio, 54mm Express Card In Stock $129.46
3471 12374 AverMedia AVerTV DVB-T Hybrid+FM CardBus, Digital & Analog Terrestrial+Radio, Cardbus In Stock $131.50
3407 12373 AVerMedia AVerTV DVB-T Hybrid+FM PCI, Digital & Analog Terrestrial+Radio, PCI In Stock $112.21
2133 13592 AverMedia A706C AVerTV SatGate CI Card Reader for DVB-S In Stock $30.67
3876 12799 AverMedia AVerTV DVB-T Express, Digital Terrestrial+Radio, Linux support, 34mm Express Card In Stock $71.43
4286 13155 Avermedia AVerTV DVB-T Super 007, Digital Terrestrial+Radio, PCI In Stock $82.14
4212 13126 AverMedia AVerTV DVB-T Volar GPS 805, Digital Terrestrial+Radio+GPS, USB2.0 In Stock $56.25
3712 13906 AverMedia F200 HD HomeFree Duet Stand Alone Network Tuner *Stream TV over Network to PC In Stock $131.66
Leadtek                                                                                                           *All price exclude GST
Code Model Description Stock Price
3835 12742 Leadtek PVR3000, PCI Analog Terrestrial+3DYC+FM TV Tuner+MPEG2 Hardware Capture In Stock $66.08
2870 11916 Leadtek TV USB II Deluxe, USB2.0 Analog Terrestrial+FM TV Tuner In Stock $26.79
4402 13314 Leadtek DTV Dongle H, USB2.0 DVB-T Hybrid, Digital & Analog Terrestrial+Radio+FM TV Tuner In Stock $26.79
4384 13315 Leadtek DTV2300 H, 34mm Express Card DVB-T Hybrid, Digital & Analog Terrestrial+Radio+FM TV Tuner In Stock $98.04
4453 13275 [Leadtek] DTV Dongle Gold, USB 2.0 DVB-T, Digital Terrestrial+Digital Radio TV Tuner Call $73.90
4454 13276 Leadtek PxDTV1300 T, PCI-E DVB-T, Digital Terrestrial+Digital Radio TV Tuner In Stock $57.80
2463 12913 Leadtek TV Infinity, Standalone Analog Terrestrial TV Tuner + Video Streaming Broadcaster (LAN+Wireless) In Stock $88.20



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