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ATA 100/133

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Vantec                                                                                                           *All price exclude GST
Code Model Description Stock Price
2667 11793 Vantec MRK-102FD-BK Mobile Rack, IDE interface, Black In Stock $37.31
2668 11794 Vantec MRK-102FD-BK*C Mobile Rack, IDE interface, Cartridge only In Stock $8.93
ViPowER                                                                                                           *All price exclude GST
Code Model Description Stock Price
5116 5116 ViPowER VP-1028LSF IDE To USB2.0 Mobile Rack In Stock $33.26
5163 5163 ViPowER VP-10LSFU-133 IDE Mobile Rack Latchlock/Beige Color In Stock $10.41
5153 5153 ViPowER VP-15F-133 Inner Tray For VP-10/VP-410 In Stock $8.34
5114 5114 ViPowER VP-410KP2FU-133B IDE Mobile Rack with keylock/Black In Stock $15.75
5152 5152 ViPowER VP-410LS2FU-133 IDE Mobile Rack Latchlock/Beige In Stock $14.59
5159 5159 ViPowER VP-6029 IDE to Wirefire 1394 Encloser In Stock $27.09
4716 4716 ViPowER VP-5015 SATA Interface Aluminum MobileRack Inner Tray/Hard Drive Protector In Stock $14.09



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